April 06, 2005


the weekend to recharge our batteries turned out to be the weekend for an elephant to charge us, while the jeep battery spluttered.
while a part of me kept clicking pictures, knowing that the jeep driver was just giving us touristy jollies, the other part of me was completely petrified at the sight of the mammoth beast trumpeting and running towards us.

bandipur is 6 hours from bangalore, (4 according to my version of lonely planet). i usually prefer treks to safaris, but this makes a good weekend getaway. the backdrop was perfect- cloudy skies, with a few drops of rain and the nilgiris on the horizon. spotted deer is plentiful, pretty soon you get a bit snobbish and refuse to stop for them. there's lots of elephants too, but what with the charging and the mud bathing, you don't undervalue them. no big cats to be seen, though of course, one had "just been spotted yesterday"..
we also saw langur, a variety of lgbs (lil grey birds) golden backed woodpeckers, peacock, sambhar and dosai.


Arjun said...

Sounds like a bangalorean meal.... next time, go up north, to Corbet park...we were chased by a tiger (or was it the other way round.) knowing you, you must have been there, done that.

Vijayendra said...

How do u know so many names of so many birds ??? have u heard of Popat Panchi ...u must have done that Ira :P