April 29, 2005

ghosts of marathons past -I

the bangalore international marathon is on may 15, so get out your running socks!

i'm running the 7k fun run. i refuse to be defensive about running a wimpy distance. 26 miles is not an option.

i was never a huge marathon fan. if you wanna run, just do it, why jostle and pay for the privilege? but having run a few major races i now get that whole group energy, sense of accomplishment thing.

the first time i ran as an adult was the cherry blossom 10 miler in washington DC. no, i didnt run 10 miles, i ran 5k. but it was early in the morning and first the wind picked up off the potomac. then the rain started to fall. i had some winter gear on, but i saw some poor saps in shorts and wicking-off-the-sweat tshirts who got simultaneously dehydrated and hypothermised.

highlight of the race- finished the 5k in about the same time as the first kenyan woman finished the 10 miles.

the legs were a bit wobbly afterwards, but i finished in the top 100 (size of entire group unknown) and stuffed myself with the bananas and muffins laid out in large quantities.


Ludwig said...

"Why did you leave a comment, Ludwig?"
"Because I could."

They say that marathons are about one Kenyan man, one Scandinavian woman, and 10,000 losers.

They say the truth!

Swimming Freak said...

Before I turn 30, I must have Hearth Classics Elegant Series Wyoming
and all the good times that come with them!