March 30, 2005

my favourite Bangalorean phrase

no, it's not chill madi. no local says that.

It's petrol bunk. petrol bunk!

common usage: Turn right after the petrol bunk.

try using it in everyday conversation, it makes an expensive trip to the fossil fuel outlet much more exciting. as if you're in the 2nd world war and dodging the luftwaffe to get to the bunker.

does anybody know of the origin of the phrase? is it a linguistic anomaly restricted to bangalore or a widespread phenomenon of the deep south?


Anonymous said...

maybe cos the petrol is stored underground, like bunkers.

Anonymous said...

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Vijayendra said...

Hey Ira,
Thanx for taking a peek into my blog , made me feel really good. Waise im not quiet sure why would a Goan Resturant would like to serve GM ??? Totally outta my wits yaar.The people over here have strange ways i tell you Ira.BTW which company you work for? Which Part of Pune u come from , would like to know a bit of you :)can you spare your precious time and drop in some lines at i don't have ur email id)till then take good care of urself Ira , see u soon.

manuscrypts said...

know for sure that its pretty commonly used in kerala :)

Megha said...

Seen it used in Hyderabad as well. Might be a southern thing though?