April 07, 2005

whineancial times

i've been told that my blog is basically a written version of my daily whining, whingeing and complaining. and to these critics i say, "why pick on me? what have i ever done? it's not fair"
that should be the end of that complaint.


Arjun said...

ira...you!! whining????? all i know is that you are ira vainee.....vateees dees???

Vijayendra said...

Hmmmm...don't we all use our blogs to get something out of us?That lil whinning , complaning and some grumpiness. so don't feel bad about anything ira, go ahead and do what you want, its ur space , its ur time . Those who want to stay , can , and have fun , others well ..take a hike !

PS:waise whats ira vainee????
kis ki vainee? kis ki patni? (wow what a title for a new balaji tele-serial, eKta are u listening Kya?)