April 11, 2005

.. and the lord taketh away

hmph. either my blog is more popular than i thought, or it's all a cosmic coincidence. a day after trilling on about my posh apartment, the landlord landed up there and asked us to move to our eventual destination. notice to do so- 3 hours.
charming, really.
the chap also has a twelve bore rifle amongst his family's belongings. laid out ostentatiously on the divan.
we were going to pay the rent anyway. call off the snipers!


Vijayendra said...

Ohhh :( Guess the landlord read what was cooking ! The bribe to the pujari came in a bit too late too. In our good ol' marathi they say "nazar lagli". I like the way name ur blogs , preety unquie and the way u keep on updating ur blog so often , makes a great n fresh reading everytime. :) thanx

crookedhand said...

Ah well, all good things never come to last. But I did visit these particluar Mantri constructions while they were underway and they really had this heady arty value about it even then . But not quite you I'd think.

Oh yeah. About the petrol bunk bit. I always did call it bunk. It was quite a surprise to hear people call it a pump, let alone a gas station.