April 08, 2005

ji, mantriji

i'm currently staying in one of the hundreds (exaggeration) of mantri constructions proliferating on banerghatta road. there's mantri pride, elegance, prestige, snob-value.. all expensive places, with very few trees. doorbells play songs and add "krupaya darvaza kholiye". because normally when i hear a doorbell i dive out of the balcony? and the very fancy swimming pools..

what is the redblooded class warrior doing in these plush surroundings, you wonder?

well, my landlord was supposed to move in here. but his pujari told him it would get him years of bad luck. apshakun, apparently. so we moved right in, will spend the month collecting the bad luck for him. and when venus is in the third house from the left, we move right out and into our more humble, income-appropriate surroundings.

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