March 23, 2005

Vai not?

Heads up for May- Joe Satriani's performing in Mumbai and Bangalore. Of course he comes to Blore on a Tuesday. Knopfler was here on a Monday and U2'll be here on a wednesday. (Made that up, hoping to create a buzz, maybe it'll reach Bono even as he helps write off Africa's debt)

Confession- never listened to Satriani. Nor Steve Vai. only heard of them because the salunke vihar engineers would talk mystically of floyd, vai, satriani and fender stratocasters. i'm such a wannabe.

but here's something i do follow- the cricketers are back in town! the city can have their Wall, i'm to going to chinnaswamy to watch sachin, baba.

no, not sachin-baba. he has his own baba-log now. sigh. he's grown up so fast..

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