March 19, 2005

nandini's pedhas- so far away from me

i cant claim to have been in a deep enduring relationship, we first met the day i moved to bangalore. 17th january. i wasnt really impressed at the beginning. i'm from pune, remember? but the fondness grew and soon we were spending every weekend together.

vrinda and lisa knew i was hooked, but other than the occasional raised eyebrow, we didnt really talk about it.

then i got busy with work, started running, discovered the gym at work, started getting to know bangalore and (cliche alert) we began to drift apart.

at the picnic on sunday, i decided that (americanism alert) this wasnt really working for me. i decided to keep a little distance between us.

last night i restlessly roamed about the apartment, thinking of those fat lil nandini's pedhas i'd stored in vrinda and lisa's fridge. v and l reported that the pedhas were depressed and ready to jump off the 6th floor balcony, cos they thought i didnt want them. no more long distance relationships, i vowed. let no expiry date put asunder what god has put together. this weekend, i'm bringing the pedhas home!


Gaurav said...

I am the first person to comment on this blog. Where is the coconut and the shawl?

Orcaella brevirostris said...

you want maan-dhan?
(lobbs coconut)