March 23, 2005

Pitch doctor

I haven't been in Bangalore long enough to figure out the weather patterns, but i know that it rains randomly. the heat's been building up the past week and today is cloudy. what does it mean for the match tomorrow?

i can't do a pitch report, cos i'm at work. and cos i can't, really. but don't you hate it when shastri goes to the pitch, comments on how dusty and crumbling it is and then using a key widens the cracks in the pitch further?
good job, ravi. what next- show us how uneven the turf is by yanking out a clump of grass?


DokC said...

Doctoring the lawns,
Doctor Shastri?

Well, we finally got those Woolmer-Inzies-Babies on the back foot. Happy Sachin-baba-ing. I have barely had the time to keep tabs on the matches, but seemed like loads of fireworks.

DokC said...

Ich bin es. Der Big-Brotha. From the BeanPot. Nearly going deranged with an out-of-control (...ism) schedule.