March 29, 2005

bangalore- the caramel custard of india?

i'm not pretending when i say i like bangalore, i really do like it. but it's beginning to seem a bit bland. likeable. innocuous. like caramel custard.
the test match was a case in point. clean stadium. comfortable. no police harassment. food easily available and well seasoned. well-behaved crowd. everyone sits in their comfortable plastic chairs and talks about dravid.
where's the buzz, people? younis khan is batting for heaven's sake, can we have a little backchat? maybe heckle ganguly a little? man does not live by bread alone, yknow..

of course, the custard turns wobbly when you apply the analogy to traffic in bangalore, which is anything but bland. specially since i stay on banerghatta "killer" road. (when a road has a middle name, you know you're in trouble) and the landlords provide the town with the element of brooding evil.

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