November 04, 2005

À la recherche du temps perdu

remember the leeches in coorg?
here are some from god's own country.
this time there were no tears or anger. ruthlessly, i peeled them off and flicked them into the lilyponds. in a few generations the fish will mutate into god's own pirahnas.

À l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleurs
remember the charming lil uns in the train to pune? this time round, a 4 year old asked me my name and then loudly whispered to her mum "kiti funny naav aahe!" well your boat's kinda weird too, i muttered.
round two went to her too, i had the headphones on, so pretended i couldn't hear the comments about about me. but the ears turned deep pink.
she finished her dinner before the railways gave me mine and did a little victory dance, cos she was first and i was last. that was when i opened my orange pudding and slowly spooned it in. *she* hadn't had any pudding. and here i was, toying with a whole bowlfull of orange glutinous stuff under her very nose.
the battle ended right there. she tottered away and i slept in peace.
i grow more like mr bean every day.

apocalpsye now: redux
i love the smell of barood in the mornings.

spent diwali night as a conscientous objector. wouldn't stop anyone from bursting crackers, but wouldn't join in either. dodged rockets, helicopters, snakes, atom bums, anars, chakras and chaklis.

Du Côté de chez Swann
actually, make that schezwan. hold the garlic, garçon!


Rimi said...

er, the feet. they're kinda zombie movie scary. how did you live through it??? *stares in wonder with saucer sized eyes*

and hey, glad you checked the cal blog out. if you've written/you write anything related to the city, may i copy paste it on the blog (with a link to this blog, of course!)? may i? may i? *jumps up and down like an excited obnoxious four year old*


Rimi said...
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D said...

welcome to the (funny) boat club ;)

Prerona said...

nice :)

i used to blog at recerche.blogspot so this really caught my eye!

nice picture

Anvita Thapliyal said...

love ur blog :)

Anvita Thapliyal said...

am adding u in my links.

Srin said...

me,adding to blogroll.

Pocket Venus said...

Boat lavin tithe gudgudlya??

[That is the only Marathi movie title I can remember :) Some farce starring Ashok Saraf.]

Orcaella brevirostris said...

rimi, the leeches are painless. all that blood just looks gruesome. but a few days later the itching starts- very irritating.
haven't blogged about cal yet, will let you know when i do.

thanks prerona, anvita and srin. y'all have so many blogs. how do you manage? the inspiration and the backbreaking hours.. how? how?

pockv- surely you havent forgotten the family drama "maherchi sadi", and its dada kondke version "sasarche dhotar"?

dharmendra, where's dilip kumar?

Pants, S. E. said...

:O Ssssooo horrrribbbllee those feet look yaaaar (too much hanging out with Gurgaon mall rats). Must've been ssoooo shockkkinngg and all no? Wonder how the fish put up with it all...

Anvita Thapliyal said...

who says i have many blogs...i dont...just two...the other one is quite ignored.though been regular lately after 2 months.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

smarizipanz, they werent horrible feet. as the poet said, "Ah, the rosy red tender feet that walked the dust of the earth like God's mercy on the fallen"

anvita- but still.

Megha said...

All these peoples telling you what an awesome blog you have. But hah, I told you so long ago! *happy jig*

Ouch about the feet. Do they really not hurt? Looks rather gory .. *continues staring morbidly*

Orcaella brevirostris said...

megha, you did tole me long ago!

and those particular feet didn't hurt at all, other than in a universal weltschmerzyy way, seeing as how they weren't mine.

(c'mon people, do they look like girl's feet?)