November 29, 2005

bangalore bikes!

shameless plug for arun's "bangalore walks" outfit.

shameless because:
1) commercialisation! free advertisement! hands upflung in horror!
2) i was on a test-run, so went free. and it's still taken me months to get around to writing it up. ingrate! leech! free rider!

the set up:
the horsemen and horsewomen of the light cavalry meet arun his 2-i-c at barton centre and proceed to cubbon park where our trusty steeds await us. being metallic (BSAs) and not equine, there is less snorting, hoof-stamping and horse-pooing than usual.

we ride through broad leafy glades that the brits had laid out. and the narrow twisty formerly plague ridden areas reserved for the natives, one of them called "blackpalli".

after doing the rounds of churches, sappers, lakes and statues*, we return to the park, surrender our hosses and waddle over to 13th floor at barton centre for beer, mocktails and sandwiches. we and the vidhan souda are all lit up and the sunset is lovely.

good thing the raj is over, cos we would've otherwise gone straight from evening to pitch darkness. the sun never sets on the british empire, in'it?

* item 1- queen victoria, empress of india in cubbon. rather large and hideous, i say, what?

item 2- near ulsoor lake is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, where
riddle= statue of tiruvalluvar, the tamil poet
mystery= sheets of black polythene
enigma= overgrown trees and shrubs

churchill, madi!


@#$% said...

"riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma"

- but perhaps there is a key.
This is what you have to find.

Gaurav said...


P.S- Just felt like a last-name-kaku moment. :)

Orcaella brevirostris said...

@#$%: there *was* a key. i discovered (ok, made up) the key and put it in the post. statue, shrubbery, enigma etc. *that's* the key!
(am sulking a bit at having to find it again, when i already put it right there)

sabneeees! you have to watch these last-name-kaku moments. not get carried away by them. could be dangerous.
(picture sinister kaku saying that)

@#$% said...

Orcaella brevirostris: you might be mistaken .. shrubber,enigma etc are not the key .. the key lies within you .. just prowl a bit more. .and you might find it hidden inside you ..

Orcaella brevirostris said...

@#$%: the key lies within me? found it! oh, that's not a key, that's my spleen, you say?
very well.
(replaces spl.)

or are you being mariah carey and "If you reach into your soul" ish?

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