October 27, 2005

what did akshay khanna say ..

..when raveena was not where she should have been?

who moved my cheez?


Anonymous said...

Thank you to tell me, about your site is great.

anupma said...

Heh! Good one. =)

PS: I am sorry but being a Hindi film freek, I have to point this out - it is Akshay Kumar not Khanna. :)

Gamesmaster G9 said...

I will now do something that I had sworn never to do, back in the day when I was dignified and proper, but I shall forgive myself.

Switching to fanboy.



Rimi said...

i towtully second G9, i luurve this blog!!! cheez, indeed!

Ahmed said...

while we are at it ......... lets make a song n dance out of it shall we........

2 cheez burgers with mustard mustard

2 cheez burgers with mustard

hey there fraulein quite a fan following u got!!!!!!!!!

roth ira calculator said...

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Orcaella brevirostris said...

'ello 'ello!
the delayed response was not out of a misplaced sense of coyness. was away, diwali-ing.

lovely to see all these new faces and eyes.

anupma, the editorial staff is being whipped even as i type this.

gamesmaster g9, you can run you can 'ide but you can't escape my blog.

rimi, nice lot of blogs you got there. lived in fort william for years, so am quite the cal-phile.

ahmed! walter! greetings!

roth ira calculator, i too provide no upfront tax deduction!

teleute said...

hello! i'm just going to echo ani and rimi and say that i like your blog, too :)

Orcaella brevirostris said...

thanks teleute.

but g and r said they loooved and lurrrved my blog respectively.
feel free to update your "i liked it" comment.

no pressure really.

oh, those people at the door are just friends, ignore the iron bars.