November 14, 2005

the naming gnome

favourite new names:
minty auchterlonie

evergreen favourites:
curtly ambrose
cho ramamswamy (cho wassup?)
gangubai hangal

hard to take a stand on:


Prerona said...

i dont like the one with H either :)

also, Tamsuk

lean and hungry looking said...

Poor Manjunath. What did he do? Don't stand on him.

D said...

cho chweet!
cho far cho good!

Psmith said...

We used these names as good natured galis when I was more of a kid than I am now,


one name I somehow did not like to say, "Aru". Seems incomplete and unfulfilled somehow


Psmith said...

why does minty auchterlonie link to an isabel dalhousie mystery ???

Orcaella brevirostris said...

prerona: you are well advised to refer to it as "the one with H". (artistic shudder)

pras: chaggan! good one! try as i might*, i always associated it with a crude biological reference (accompanied by a clap with the hands being pushed apart) everytime chaggan bhujbal was mentioned, i would giggle. and point.

*obviously wasn't really trying

minty auchterlonie is an unpleasant character in the sunday philosophy club.

Senthil said...

I've tried explaining this a lot to my parents, but they disagreed, and I was stuck with it. Sigh...

Orcaella brevirostris said...

senthil, i've been mulling over an appropriate response to your comment all weekend.

fustoffal, i didnt know i had a reader called senthil. welcome, welcome. nice pictures on your blog.

second, i can't disparage a name once i know someone with it, so senthil is now off my list.

third, i really should stop running about disparaging names, shunt i? i'm surprised at the mildness of your reaction. i would've thrown a few hissy fits and sulked (petulantly) at you for days, if i'd been at the receiving end.

and finally, it's pretty much prejudice arising out of unfamiliarity. having grown up hearing cries of "ay pakkya" and "khalli pilli kayku bom marta hai*?", the sibilant sounds of senthil fell strangely upon my untutored ear. i am suitably chastened and am changing my screen name to Orcaella brevirostris. forthwith!

*no, that's not a name. was just providing local colour.

D said...

this gives a new path to O B wan a canoe bee!