July 15, 2005

veggie tales

there's a new book out called "everything i ate: a year in the life of my mouth". the appropriately name tucker takes pictures of every single thing he tucked into in the past 365 days. this includes a bowl of cereal every night, lots of steak and the occasional toe-nibble.

reality-reading? seems voyeuristic and narcissistic, neh? (she asked as she wrote in her web log. point taken)
it's probably a good device to make you appreciate food better, and -if you and everyone else saw pictures of your midnight potato chips and chikki extravaganza-mebbe would make you eat healthier.

right now, my food quest is getting more and more weighty. literally. am up to 5 lil dubbas in a plastic bag. there's the staple lunch box- lime green two layered from westside with 2 polis and a bhaji. a lil dubba with cucumber raita. the carrot for elevenses, two plums for 4 and two fingersized bananas for pre and post gym.
that's the plan anyway, most of this is usually devoured by 11:00 am.

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