July 18, 2005

1857- a love story

waddled over to a london-returned colleague's desk today. the usual suspects were wolfing down chocolate. one of them warned me in hushed tones, "boss, there might be beef in some of these.. that's the word on the street.. the nose knows.."
beef in chocolates? beef chocolates?
i doubted it told him that's how rumours start. yknow, the cartridges are lined with beef and pork, rise up and revolt against the revolting brits!
a part of me is enacting biting into the cartridge, when another part of me thinks, "mmm.. beef and pork" and sits down to make a meal out of the cartridges.

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D said...

will use any opportunity to propagate "mangala mangala ..." from "the rising." other than the fact that i usually like the khan (except when he cross dresses for cola!), the music is by the undeniably talented, ARR who delivers an extremely listenable "period" sounding OST.