July 26, 2005

gnu toys!

acquired this week:

item 1- dvd player
item 2- boomerang
item 3- "down to earth" and "Economist" magazine subsciptions

finally i shall be a well-rounded personality- huntin and readin, just like hemingway!
can't wait to practice flinging the dvd player in lalbagh and watching it curve lazily back, with my dinner in tow.
although (fingers steepled together) if the dvd player hits something, its not going to come back, is it? i'll actually have to *walk* there and pick up the carcass and *walk* back to my cave, dragging it behind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Irs, it's me Maya. I forgot my id and password, any idea how to retrieve it? So much for my elephant memory!

Anyway, I also have a boomerang, (courtesy my Aussie cousin) the throwing instructions for which read something like "face the wind and then turn 45 degrees to it, then hold the boomerang at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizon and throw in a quick motion" or some such thing. Needless to say it remains hanging on the wall. Although I suppose I should head for the beach with it one of these days.
And as far as The Economist goes, we get it at home as well. I don't read it from cover to cover, but I was always under the impression that it is fairly right-wing, till a friend from America told me that over there, it used to be centre-left during the Clinton years and is now considered centre-right. I actually like FT better, although I can access only the online edition - prefer hard copy!

DVD player: no comment!!

Re your previous post, we did have Gulmohar even later - remember "The Art of Packing" in Grade 6,(The dog was actually called Montmorency!!) and don't tell me you've forgotten "The Princess Who wanted the Moon" with Mrs. Biswas!

D said...

was tempted to wonder what would happen if you flung your "down to earth" subscription! now is that already a self referential device? :)

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