July 01, 2005


had a pleasant electricity paying experience yesterday. there are BESCOM centres all over town, popped into the nearest one during lunch. the office was closed. no problemo i said, strolled up to the ATM machine there. a helpful employee took my bill and scanned it. then took my money, smoothened it so that the machine was forced to accept it. it credited my account with the extra i paid cos i didnt have change. spat out a receipt and sent me on my way. just like that.
pretty soon, the roomate and i are going to fight over who gets to go to pay the bill.
(sniffily) yes, we do have lives, thankyouverrymuch.

dont know how easy paying other bills is. paying the cell phone bill is easy (sort of), a gas cylinder is obtained by dialing gasman. having a nugatory bank balance means i don't have to juggle premia and investments. and as always rent is delivered in a sealed envelope with a symbolic supari under a stone near a bridge while whistling "lorelei".


Anonymous said...

Is this Ira Athalye?


Orcaella brevirostris said...

after going through HUGE pains to keep my identity under wraps, you come straight out and denounce me just like that!
are you the shreyas from the trek to charang?

Lud. said...

Tsk. Tsk. Spelling.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

(putting on my pendantic socks)- the surname was originally athalye but gramps changed it for an unknown reason. maybe because its hard enough to pronounce as it is. try saying athale and you'll find yourself saying something that sounds like akhle. its that whole explosive "thl" sound. and if you add the lyeah to the end of it.. mayhem, utter mayhem!
and i haven't even touched upon the american and north indian pronounciations!