August 25, 2005

one flu over the cuckoo's nest

stage 1 of the f'lu (yes, i know the abrobriate location of the abostrophe, thag you bery mud)
pounding headague ad burning eyes
can't sleep
lose appetite
feel pathetic but look hale ad heardy, so get zero symbathy

stage 1.2 subtibes sgibbed
feverish, hot and confused
general feeling of moonlit fiends, albatrosses and glittering eyes

stage 2
sleep hurrah!
nose flows unabated
voice acquires rita hayworth type husky undertones that nobudy abbreciates (although rita's voice was dubbed when she sang)

stage 3
rasping cough brings tears to the eyes
voice reduced to a croak
other people in the office fall ill and the finger of suspicion is pointed at one
strained atmosphere
sick of toast and lemongrass tea, the sufferer flings herself bodily onto a pile of samosas

event horizon approaches


Megha said...

Awww that was adorable. The sense of humor stays intact through all the stages, it seems? :)

Came upon here on Dhammo's recommendation and I am glad I did! I can also see that, for a change, he wasn't being .. well .. Dhammo ;)

You have a wonderful blog here. Will surely be back for more. Cheers!

Orcaella brevirostris said...

the gold has redreaded, leabing biles ob hangies in ids wage.

tendjewberry mud megha, as they say in the orient, when talking to meghna sukarnoputri.
one understands your concern and one is glad that you took* the plunge.

*one is tempted to add "you fool of a Took" here, just for effect.

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