August 08, 2005

heard at the end of a half marathon

electraljunkie: did you hit the wall?
carboloader: naah, dravid's not all bad..

just read a good article on bonking
no, its not what you think, pervy perverson.
it's the mutiny of the whole body!
there's the muscle-glycogen bonk, where the brain works fine but the legs up and quit. Then there's the blood-glucose bonk, where the legs work fine but the brain up and quits. Let's not forget the everything bonk, a sorry stewpot of dehydration, training errors, gastric problems, and nutrition gaffes. And then there's the little-purple-men bonk... more here

no more hitting the wall jokes from me, am suitably chastened by the gravity of it all (and sort of looking forward to the lil purple men)


D said...

1. plead innocent. innocent till proven guilty.
2. insanity plea

...wig Wam said...

A Runner's World link on the blog? You're on your way to the bonk. Was once hit by one myself. As someone said, it was the biggest Bonk since the Big One.

The purple men bit sounds kinda cool. Wish my Bonks were like that. Tomorrow Vande Maataram. Bonk'em Chandra... OK, will shut up.

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