August 17, 2005

the daily bugle

i don't know what the latest starlets are wearing. i don't even know who the latest starlets are. i am klueless about kidman and kruise. and i have no idea which country bangalore fashion consultants have carried pot to. (but don't they have bathrooms in dubai? oh, not *that* kind of pot)

and why is that, you ask, in your discerning way. surely i read the newspaper everyday! i should, yknow. (fingers wagged in my general direction)

elementary, dear w., as sherlock didnt say, cos it was merely meretricious (which he did say).

i don't subscribe to the rag any more. i get a real newspaper! they dumbed down the content further and lower, until i finally left pune, moved to bangalore and started reading the hindu, which seems to skip from page 2 to page 4, without a break.

things i like about the hindu-
not knowing about stuff (see 1st para)
no radio mirchi style english
they maintain the sanctity of the byline (ma said)
3 pages are not devoted to cricket
good listing of local events
lots of local and state news
broad selection of literary, theatre and music reviews
plenty of quirky-whimsical type writers
general air of having a warm tightly knit community of readers

there's probably a little too much of southern (including sri lankan) politics.. but then, am always surprised when they say "dharam singh, karnataka CM" and i do a double-take*. shouldnt he be the CM of haryana?
which shows how much i know of the politics of karnataka and haryana.

*i cant really do a double take.


von Wittg. said...

Looks like you're getting blog spammed (or whatever). So you like The Hindu now? We'll make a Madrasi of you yet... Add

* You can open the paper right in the middle, start reading top left (Ed) and finish bottom right (Ed's cousin, Op Ed), and generally crack GRE reading comprehension type stuff. Not to mention lift in toto a whole bunch of cool sounding opinions.

* The language, the language. Think you covered this already, but in comparison to the Slimes...the language, the language.

maya said...

Hi Irs, totally agree with you. I started reading The Hindu when I moved to Madras from Poona, and these days I just can't stomach TOI, (even if Pune Plus did publish our pictures!) The newspaper and filter kaapi are my morning must-haves.

Anonymous said...

I'm from the US, and I recently lived in Karnataka (Bangalore and Mysore) for a year and a half. I took great pleasure in reading The Hindu each morning with my coffee. It's well-written, and the International news consisted of more than celebrity gossip.
Btw, I found your blog while googling Sholay and Ramnagar. I'm sitting here at my friend's place in California watching Sholay on Zee TV, and he and his mother didn't believe that Sholay was filmed in Karnataka.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

hey 'nony ('nony and a hot cha-cha)
i didnt know that sholay was shot in namma karnataka either. and there's no signs at ramnagar- just gorgeous rocks and a few temples.

so you watched zee in cali? ever see a show on one of those international channels called "california de b.. vitch"?

as a non-kapi drinker, i cannot comment, jadoo (heh heh, haven't forgotten that one).

ludwig, i deleted the spanners. the ed pages have chunks from the guardian too. mornings aren't mornings if you don't feel properly holier than thou.

Anonymous said...

Your writing style is really cool! Thoroughly enjoyed reading a few posts; will try and catch up with more... Keep doing your thing.

Anonymous said...

Like i cant believe u dnt no ne thing about Hollywood... If thats what u ere sayin.. Its one of the biggest things and like seriosly i think that if u dnt o bout that and u dnt no bout Tom cruise and that then u need Help

Orcaella brevirostris said...

anonymous1: thank you! (delightedly)

anonymous2: like, whatever. like.
you're right though, i *do* need Help!
Also Abbey Road, Revolver, The White Album (vols 1&2) and some banana chips.