June 06, 2005

thimphu very much

whats the similarity between me and bhutan?
we've both lifted our tv bans.

no, it's not very witty, but it wasnt supposed to be. i was just pointing out that the dragon kingdom lifted its ban on tv in 1999. and i lifted mine yesterday. they started with local channels, and then included cable tv, as did i.

our reasons for the ban were different. king jigme wanchuk thought tv was a corrupting influence.
i think it converts the brain to pulp.

both of us let in the telly because of outside pressure, but had our reservations. (except he probably got a better table)

i'd love to visit bhutan and watch it as it changes- even now, everyone must wear the national dress, smoking is banned and instead of gdp, they measure gross national happiness. kingy decides the criteria for happiness.
besides, the capital is called thimphu! i'm just going to thimphu for a stroll. dyou know what they're saying on the streets of thimphu?

but if i go to madagascar, i probably wont keep mentioning the name of its capital- antanananrivo. or its president ravalomanana.

when working in DC, the envt minister of madagascar was to speak at a seminar and an "old africa hand" asked me how to pronounce his name. he was quite put out when i didnt know. i'm brown, arent i? then why didnt i know?


Ludwig said...

Ludwig: Apropos little mountain countries,

"Why are there no robberies in Nepal ?"

"Because there are 3-4 Gurkhas in every house."

Ha ha.

[Runs himself on sword. Kisses asp. Dies.]

Gaurav said...

You are not brown, anyway. You look distinctly Scandinavian.

Gaurav said...
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