June 07, 2005

playing with food

one should not, of course. but no harm getting a lil innocent pleasure while cooking, is there?

i have discovered that making egg curry is an auditory delight. you boil the eggs, make the masala, drink some marsala and pop the eggs into the onion and masala paste. as you flip the egg halves about, the squeaky noises begin. press the egg a bit firmly with wooden spatula and it squeaks even louder, kinda like a pet being tickled. (i dont own a pet, hence the innacuracy)
i would describe the sound as a "squinch", which'd never steal christmas.

today, mushrooms made the same sound. so either its the consistency of these spongy food items (though tofu was never so undignified and squeaky) or its my new pink booties.

let's just carry on then, shall we?


Aarti said...

Just had a vivid image of a young cannibal wearing fine pink booties...
I have some questions about Zen and the art of blogging. I think I would respond more to your blog if I knew more about the hidden rules of the blog culture. For instance, does my response have to be about egg curry or can I talk about dolphins here? Will bloggers who visit your site be offended to see such an interruption in the flow of the Blog? So, what is the general preference of conversational flow - "topic"ally or temporally? Or is conversation even supposed to flow? Pray enlighten the neophyte...

Orcaella brevirostris said...

art, my last blog about tvs got gurkha jokes and the old scandinavian thing.

besides, i'm not quite sure what this blog is supposed to be about. but if frinstance it became a site for post modern critique of flower arrangements, then pink booties would be quite out of place.

but till then go ahead and comment on whatever you want. the only rule is, there are no rules.

i'm not even sure i'm supposed to be responding here, but i wanna and its my blog so there.

joel said...

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