June 26, 2008

Out of the Fry pan...

.. and into the Fry-er!

Stop me if I sound gushy, but here's what happened yesterday. The pardner and I were in Piccadilly. We stepped out of a samwich bar and gulped a few lungfuls of fresh air.

And then, it happened. Time slowed down. Traffic stopped. A black taxicab drew up in front of us. My eyes were drawn to the door. It opened and a tall, portly man emerged, blinking. He had a large nose and was in a purple velvet jacket. Our eyes met. He smiled.

He then trotted across the road and entered a building cordoned off by policemen in fluorescent jackets.

My hand moved slowly, reaching for my phone, and I managed to take a picture of his back.
Here is that picture.

Hours later, in my pew in St. James, listening to Mendelssohns violin concerto in E minor (yes, I know he only had the one v. conc., but it does happen to be in E minor) I realised that

1) I had become a celebrity-obsessed paparazzita
2) I saw him, and he looked at me! I am Ralph Wiggum.


Anonymous said...

Woo hoo!
Prof. Trefusis would be proud of you!

Next time, please get tissue from samwich bar and ask for autograph for "your friend D"


Orcaella brevirostris said...

i don't care for autographs somehow, so i don't think i'd ever ask for one.
will send a picture if i meet the man again.
meanwhile, feel free to meet kenyan superstar runners and pose with them. (hmph. how come that never happened when i was in bangalore?)