March 24, 2006

what did def lepard say

to archie mckinnon?
bo-sun sugar on me


Orcaella brevirostris said...

come on people! archie mckinnon? you know him! the bo'sun!
stalwart chap, essential to the chief officer's plans, even as the ship's captain lay wounded.
hailed from scotland or the shetlands and never claimed to have the highland gift of telling the future. (specifically said so to janet magnusson AND susan beresford).
i am writing a monograph on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Its been about 16 years since most of us have read San Andreas Orc - it does take a little time for the tubelights to fire.

Anonymous said...

we like Sandor in The Last Frontier as he emerges out of ice. The rest is mere fiction! We could write a monograph too on the delights of MacLean, but would rather sit and ponder :)

Orcaella brevirostris said...

anony1: 16 years? 16? really? how time flies..

anony2*: didnt read the last frontier and goodbye to california. was afraid it would be like santorini, river of death and partisans. and those macleans by alistair mcneil.

*with a hey anony-nonny and a hot cha cha.

Anonymous said...

Heyyyy - you saying something nasty about me shiny pate?

:) Tis been a long time Irs.


Kaput Kopf K├Ânig said...

Verily, it has been said, "Brevirostris is the soul of wisdom." Or not. Let us begin by dissecting the monographer.

> archie mckinnon? you know him!

[test.] Yes.

> the chief officer's plans

Actually, in 'San Andreas', its the Chief Engineer's plans, innit? Both Captain Bowen and First Officer Kennet (?) are badly burnt when the distress flares go off on the wing of the bridge, shortly after Ulbricht makes his pass over the ship.

> hailed from scotland
> or the shetlands

Definitely not, we are of the opinion. It was the Shetlands. When they go past Fetlar or Unst or whatever, on their way to Edinburgh, Archie says something about this.

> highland gift of
> telling the future

Does he do this? Hmm... One merely remembers asking Janet M. if she's feeling fey.

We still haven't determined the name of the bo'sun from "South By Java Head". It is consuming us.

"The U-Boat came at dawn."

Orcaella brevirostris said...

shiny pate de foie gras: ah, then i suspect i know who you are.

smaltypants: you learry shourd bloaden youl holizons. you wourd realn so much more.
san andreas is the only one with bosun as hero.
usually, the formula has bosun as indestructible foil to chief officer. as happens in golden rendezvous and south by java head (what *is* the bosun's name in that one?)

archie's certainly a shetty in san andreas. but doesnt mention exctly where he's from in the other books.

he specifically tells susan beresford he doesnt claim to have foresight. you cant expect him to say exactly the same thing to janet magnusson, can you?

(sigh) i do wish you would read a little more.

"Everything's gone to hell and breakfast."

Curran said...

Susan Schmoozan.

Your Suzy cannot hold a candle to my Janet. So there...

Fergusson said...

Actually, on a hospital ship negotiating the Denmark Strait in wet, stormy, icy weather, it would pretty much be an exercise of stupendous futility to hold a candle to Janet.

Even if Susan Wotsherface has the gall and gumption to put up with conditions in the mercantile marine's Arctic convoys.

Milan Gupta said...

Maclean anods into many paraphrenels before subjecting himself into a character as complex and deunicindated as McKinnon.

I am glad to find a person writing monographs and such retracations that are unique of erudite minds.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

curran (sailmaker) and fergusson, (incessant whiner): susan beresford was the sarcastic, auburn haired, green-eyed daughter of a tycoon. what's wrong with that?
nurse magnusson was all very well, in her "we're all shettys" way, but she wasn't auburn haired, green eyed or sarcastic, was she?
and how did it become a competition anyway?
(i am giving you an old-fashioned look)

milan, new york and japan: do you think jackstraw is just an eskimo landlubber throwback to archie mck?

Oberst Pieter deGraaf said...

> incessant whiner

'shirker and malingerer' is the phrase you're looking for, I believe.

Nurse Magnusson was a member of the crew of the 'San Andreas' and sailed the 'lend-lease' convoys from Halifax to Murmansk. In the far north latitudes, away from the great shipping lanes of the Atlantic, where the daylight lasts 22 hours and the waves freeze before they hit the deck, where people speak of Spitzbergen and Bear Island and Tromso with fond hope, where the mention of Altafjord fills the merchantman's soul with fell dread, where the illusions of 'Alex and the Med' sustain men, broken men, and ships, broken sputtering coffins...

This is the sort of environment in which my Janet had to have shennanigans with Archie.

Stop comparing her with random heiresses.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

jane had shenanigans with archie? i thought they were practically flaxen shetty siblings!

the campari was a luxury liner like no other. it had the services of master chefs antoine (enrique on alternate days) access to stock tickers, plush bars and a complete absence of shipboard games, dances and guess the weight of the pig contests. it provided its millionaire guests with luxury and peace and the high seas.

it also had a nuclear weapon, a kidnapped scientist, the generalissimo's men, bold gullion and piracy.

you need susan beresford to deal with that sort of thing.

"coffins, mister," said capt. bullen. "coffins."

Orcaella brevirostris said...

you and your plain janes.