March 15, 2006

holi colours, batman!

i've been a bit tardy with the blogs lately, haven't i? well don't think i don't know it. i do.
there have been patchy drafts, here's a few of them.

his eye is on the sparrow
on the disappearing sparrows of bangalore*

bruce, jet and dande li
yes. quite.

my new avatar as a gooroo
the hairstyle- bouffant. the name- sigh baba

connect quiz questions that reflect my stream of conciousness
frinstance, connect simone tata and british airways to ira.
s tata- started the cosmetics company lakme
british airways- once applied make up to all the boeings
no, it uses the flower duet from delibe's opera lakme
which is about (and this is where you need to be shrewd) an indian princess called lakshmi (lakme).
and isnt lakshmi the goddess of wealth?
just like ira is the goddess of knowledge.
you knew that and are no doubt peeved because i gave away the answer.

if you were a musical instrument, what instrument would you be?
ans: you would be a harpishchord

they may be the merest sketches, but you know how the posts wouldve turned out, don't you?
(leans back with eyes closed)
you know my methods, watson. apply them.
"dash it all, where's my persian slipper? you're *wearing* it?"

*no, they don't disappear one feather at a time. they're not cheshire cats, are they?


D said...
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Vlad "The Inhaler" Tepid said...

Hi Ashwin, how goes?

> i've been a bit tardy with the
> blogs lately, haven't i?

Yeth, haven't you?

> just like ira is the goddess of
> knowledge.

Yeth. Who lives in Brooklyn and visits the synagogue regularly.

> connect quiz questions

Yeth. Your life's work...

> you knew that and are no doubt
> peeved because i gave away the
> answer


> you're *wearing* it?

Actually, we were wearing it. And then we found that it was (Hallelujah!) full of recreational drugs, so now we're inhaling, ingesting and injecting it.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

d, why did you delete your comment?
because it had nothing to do with the post? or you were afraid of the tam-bram mafiosi?

vlad the impala, step away from the persian slipper, and no one will get hurt.
(brandishes wiggins, and a few other irregulars)

Prerona said...

nice post - been a while :)

Prerona said...


Orcaella brevirostris said...

(sigh). thanks prerona. (sigh).
i thought i'd make a good gooroo. wave langorously at the chelas. Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to the flying spaghetti monster's noodley appendages

D said...

well, you asked for it ;)

i had made this up and you were right about the tam-brahm mafia (while we are on brahms, might as well let it drop that t'row's is bach's b'day)

"What did the loser tam brahm say?! Ah-Luck-None da"