September 12, 2005

Guilty pleasures

fry, stephen and heyer, georgette
georgette crepe saris
sare jahan se acchaa
hoo let the dogs out?
outer ring road half marathons
karrot cake with cream cheese icing
i sing with john, paul, george and wotsisname
naming the capital of burundi
hrundi bakshi type silly comedies
dies light fluffy chitale bandhu's sakhar perlele pedhe
dher i forget the bakarwadis, so golden and deep fried
fry, stephen

*the moment after a sneeze is rather pleasurable, in'it? for a brief second, your nasal passages are shining pathways of light. feel like god.

yes. quite. that will be all then.
(replaces straitjacket on patient and padding on cell walls)


D said...

wadis happening here?

Megha said...

I heartily second achooo. I should nosily second it, but heartily sounds nicer.

Brilliant how you connected the sentences. Didn't catch on first read almost. But I am known to be bulb that way.

Gaurav said...

why not make it cyclic and return to fry?

Orcaella brevirostris said...
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