September 20, 2005

55-word story. now stop tagging me!

trouble was brewing in the building. enthralled by post-modernisism, the newer sections mocked the traditional pilasters and reactionary arches. a section of the roof with Doric triglyphs was the butt of all jokes, specially after a donkey had been painted on it. Hearing it begin its daily prayer, the newbies taunted "chant, gadha-dhari beam, chant!"

tagged by 'im.


D said...

what did the Doric triglyph section of the roof say to the cleaning pad on the floor?

Beam me up Scotchie!

zaph said...

... and as he makes the final brush-strokes to the mural of a kibbutz, the surrealist remarks gleefully,

"torah cow, torah fake-o, mazaa aayega"

Ravikiran said...

My fifty five Words-worth, here are my two sentences:

Troube indeed! Disenchanted, Irate, Dorian Beam, sang to his lord Rudra, “yeh mehlon, yeh takhton …jalaa do jalaa do, jalaa do yeh duniya”, the angry lord, with his formidable third eye sent a fire that consumed them all, while on the far-wall, the Picture of Dorian turned gray, and from the ashes rose the phoenix.

teleute said...

oh dear god! this is so brilliantly funny!

teleute said...
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