May 16, 2005

best of the best

cheekiest tshirt of the bangalore marathon:
my grandma runs faster than you

sunniest part of the race:
the treeless part near raj bhavan

least helpful comment from an organizer:
you're 1 km away from the end. almost.

most irritating war cry of the race:
go aditi go. go aditi go. this is half an hour before the start. where, pray, does aditi want to go?

moment of pune pride:
the full marathon was won by k.c. ramu from the army sports institute, pune

personal resolution at the end:
pune half marathon at the end of this year. goodbye sweaty masses, hello real running

and a good time was had by all.


Vijayendra said...

Bottom Line : Pune Rocks !!!

D said...

for a slightly different account, check out my blog.(i absolutely love bangalore.)so far, only the mumbai marathon has been a better experience.