November 19, 2012

A quiz

NaBloPoMo it is! After such a long gap, it's extraordinarily difficult to get back into blobbing mode. Especially on a daily basis. Even though I started 2 weeks late. So a daily blobber I will be. Here's a quiz for crime fiction fans, answers tomorrow:

1. This detective's sidekick was reported to have a shoulder injury from a "jezail bullet" during a battle in Afghanistan. Later in the series, he mentions a thigh injury, also from a jezail bullet. Who is the unfortunate detective with the traveling bullet wound?

2. Two comically clumsy detectives who look identical, yet could not be related

3. HRF Keating, a British author wrote a detective series about a Bombay CID inspector. His first book was made into a Merchant Ivory film. Another of his books was set in Goregaon- Powai areas. Name the detective

4. In a Danish book later made into a movie, this female detective relies on her understanding of snow and ice to solve the mystery behind the death of her neighbour, an Inuit boy.

5. Agatha Christie's created a character said to resemble Christie herself- Ariadne Oliver. Oliver wrote detective stories starring a vegetarian detective who she disliked and wished she could finish off. Name the detective and the country he's from

6. A celebrated film director wrote a series on a detective Pradosh C. Mitter. Name the director/ author and the popular name for the detective

7. Next- name the female detective who is a Crimean war veteran and owns a dodo called Pickwick.

8. A short, stumpy detective, who's crime-solving ability is coloured by his Catholicism.

9. A titled, cricket-playing, whimsical gentleman detective.

10. A NY city police detective 3,000 years in the future solves mysteries on Earth and other planets. The detective's sidekick is governed by the Three Laws of Robotics. Name the detectives and the author

11. A holistic detective who investigates the "fundamental interconnectedness of all things", may be psychic, and runs up huge expense accounts

12. Elegant Effendi the miniaturist painter is murdered in the Ottaman Empire. Name the author.

Well obviously you can google these if you want.

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