March 18, 2011

Prelude to a Sunday

Feral children roam the streets. The ones that are alone press themselves against walls and duck behind parked cars, hoping not to be seen by neighbourhood gangs. Some are armed with seemingly innocuous plastic bags filled with a transparent liquid. Tiny, but in the right hands- deadly. Others strut around carrying weapons, with ammo strapped to their backs. The little uns fight their battles, while the old uns walk past, unthinking. Two days from now, they won't be able to ignore the mayhem.
Holi hai indeed!


kbpm said...

we hates holi.

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog, The Person Who Apparently Speaks German! I'd love to visit again.


Orcaella brevirostris said...

kenny: I hearts holi as a kid- filling water balloonce the night before,turning poiple/ pink, no matter which colour is put on me and getting home before it's too hot, to eat puran poli. hence the delight at seeing powai's feral children.

at my age, unfortunately holi consists of the obligatorisch housing society rain dance, munni-sheila songs, drunk uncles, bad-for-skin colour (*I* buy/ make the organic henna-hibiscus stuff to put on other people) and catered lunch with pooris and aloo.

partial view: deutsch macht spass. it's obligatorisch, really!

D said...

Hey OB wannabe, make a World Cup post assuming you did see it :p Your blog readers need at least a post a month. And 2 per month in WC season. I head the readers' union. These are the first of our demands.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

World Cup blob would pretty much be variations on the theme of
SACHin SACH IN clapclapclap

Readers union, it seems.