January 18, 2010

Mumbai, halved

Busy taking photographs while crossing the sea link at daybreak. And then I wonder why I logged a personal worst PR this time round at the Mumbai half.

Had a timing chip on for the first time, so was absurdly conscious of stepping emphatically on the red carpets at the start and finish, to register the time. Over-ate on the run up the pedder road flyover per usual (1 ravalgaon boiled sweetie, 1 segment orange, 1.5 glucose biscuits, 1 yellaki banana), pasta partied and then ran with/hours behind the usual suspects, and one unusual one, wilted in the marine drive heat, cheered the winners-who-take-less-time-to-do-double-my-distance, vowed to never do this again except that i know perfectly well that i will, tried not to think too long about the street kids that asked for banana and water bottle, didn't recognise shobbha day even though she blocked my way, ate the hippo chips that were part of the goodie bag (chinese manchurian flavour) and darkly wondered who had pilfered all the food from my goodie bag last year. Aall, as they rightly point out, iz vell.

(limps into the sunrise. one is not the young orcaella one used to be. more like an old hippo. some sort of water creature)


kbpm said...

Hey! I did not pilfer the food. Must be that fellow. Bad egg, he is. We must disassociate ourselves from him. But he is like Kevin Bacon, keeps popping up. (thats next up on my blog, I hope)

& What hippo chips? From your goodie bag this year, that was the first thing to get pilfered. I saw it with my own two eyes.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

bad eggs abound, it's true. some are
old, green and delicate
, but the others are our friends.

the hippo chips in question were from not from my bag. the women's bags, for some reason, had a different brand of deep-fried madness. (i draw this conclusion from a sample of 1).

D said...

it is not just age, it is also mileage - wise japanese saying ;)

now read your murakami before next year's race and run 10 miles a day regardless of weather, 6 days a week (like haruki does) and then mumbai shall weep for mercy and you shall win category...

Orcaella brevirostris said...

d man: i have read murakami already. not only did i not manage to run 10k (10 miles!!) a day, i didn't even manage to sleep early like he suggested.
(totters up and declaims) never let it be said that i was the reason mumbai weeps at the marathon.