June 07, 2009

Bumper Harvest..

.. of puns and bumpers.

Exhibit 1: New dented bumper

Exhibit 2: Old dented bumper

And a closer look at exhibit 2:

Age of car: 2 weeks, location: parked. This is getting to be worse than the ol un
Can nobody in this city drive?

It's been a while since I blogged, so bear with the hasty regurgitation of bad puns:

An Indian soup in Athens?
Shorba the greek

Wine-making in Nasik, by someone who lived in New England?
Maratha's Vineyard

A tedious Afrikaaner who can't drive?
A crashing Boer

The Bollywood queen of haute couture?
Jaya Prada of course!
(from a contributor)

And to make the bumper situation clear: The car was bought. Parked. Hit. Bumper fixed. Parked. Hit.
Has someone placed pan masala and supari on the poor dear?


kbpm said...

its ridiculous. you must park in my parking spot near my old place. really. or you could just rent my flat and have the spot too. what say?

Orcaella brevirostris said...

kenny: we have moved (again!) and now we have a safe gated community type spot. but it really was ridiculous.

I don't think we could afford the rent on your flat. and if we move again, I will just descend into a well in the manner of a murakami character.

how has your move been?

kbpm said...

move has been a nightmare. i am stil struggling a month later to set everything up. i dont now how on earth you managed to move so many times. :(

Orcaella brevirostris said...

the key to a happy move is to shift from a smaller apartment that is under termite attack, to a larger one that has safe car parking and gets a pleasant lake breeze.