November 28, 2008

in happier times

this blog has lain silent thanks to repeated house-movings, work deadlines, deficiencies in internet service provision, global meltdowns and a severe shortage of spirulina. but, to reassure worried viewers, i am unharmed, superficially, anyway.


kbpm said...

hi dolph
good to have you back.
our neck of the woods has been quite safe i suppose in a physical sense. which is not saying much i dont think.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

runner-woman: yup, all calm on the central mumbai front.

i almost uploaded a pic of us in front of the taj taken a few weeks ago.. but it seemed ..inappropriate or painful or grotesque in its normalness or something.

am back to blogging now, and hoping for better times.. la chaim, to life!

choxbox said...

came 'ere from kenny's. discovered some stuff abt londinium and got all excited (having spent 8 years there).

anyway, hi.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

choxbox: have seen you over at kenny's blob. greetings!

Arif said...

Hey...hey. Welcome back. Cool sunset pic.
I so miss Mumbai *sigh*

kbpm said...

thursday most likely. the 16 was good. i lived.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

arif: the sunsets in august were spectacular. we were on the 34th floor then..
a bit closer to mother earth now :-)
you been running?

ken: thursday sounds good. 16 eh? i can feel the humidity rising.. but i'll be there on thursday.

(fades with orc-ish grunts into the sunset)

kbpm said...

i forgot to ring you last night amidst my various goings on. please pardon please pardon. next week vonly only. :(

Orcaella brevirostris said...

kbpm:.. meanwhile in the bat-cave, our heroine had a muscle spasm in her back and is now lying in embryo fashion, ensconced in pillows.

so i won't be wheezing behind you anytime soon.

kbpm said...

oh shoot! hope you feels better soon so we can go up those leopard-hills of ours again, like in the days of yore (or last month, if you want to split hairs).

adbutha said...

its been a while. But I stumble upon your not so unfamiliar blog again. Still lurking around fresh waters?

Orcaella brevirostris said...

adbutha! you are bach!
i'm surrounded by some fresh water, a lot of salt water and maybe a little brackish stuff where the mangroves grow.

on hearing that MS (dhoni, not subbalakshmi) had been ill, one is forced to ask, "hey dhoni, have you been keeping well?"

(disappears into the water with a hideous plop)