May 20, 2008

'Tis the season to be snaily..

..fa la la..

It's true. May 24th is National Escargot day!

Put on your game face, waddle to the nearest French restaurant, and order Beurre d'escargot, along with a glass of house white.

Divine tasting though it is, I suspect that even my shoe (the tight one that bullies my bunions) slathered in copious amounts of garlic butter would taste as good.

If this post makes me sound annoyingly Frenchified, please to remember that I have in the past suggested a desi leech-ghee stir fry.

And if you are angry about this post, and (though reading this online) are a technophobe, do write to me via snail mail.


kbpm said...

i have been seeing snails in the garden downstairs for the past month. i so DONT like the idea of snail (or leech) fry for a variety of reasons, principally the one that i am a vegetarian who has to wash her mouth out with cow-piss (the shastra's prescribe) if.. :-)

but if you enjoy it, its fine.

i like your blog (well blob if you want) and lurk once in a while over from ludwig's choultry. i like your name much, thanks to H.T. and the Ghosh, its hell to spell though!!

Orcaella brevirostris said...

kbpm! i too have hovered around your blog, via ludmilla, and enjoyed tales of mumbai and the monster.

being vegetarian isn't a problem for escargot enjoyment. 'shrooms (or shoes) would taste as good with pats of garlic butter.

spelling orcaella brevirostris is easy. think of it as orca + ella. and brevirostris, it has been said, is the soul of wit.

new book out by Ghosh. sea of poppies, apparently. read and recommend it?

kbpm said...

yeah new book on poppies. will read it soon. i am sure i will recommend it. what to do. i am in love with the man. he is so short and looks so much like Mungeri Lal... i even read Imam.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

zigackly. the book promises to have grand sweeping .. wait a minute, did you say he looks like mungeri lal? i didn't know that.
i assumed a more scholarly, sensitive type. let's face it, i thought he looked like vikram seth.

Ludwig said...

hmm. this is not done, you know.

talking about people behind their behind.

> orca + ella. and brevirostris

she lies. look! lo and behold. i give you an untruthful cetacean.

it's oracella.