October 15, 2007

adieu, adieu

to yew and yew and yew ew, as Friedrich winningly lisped.

it's time to leave bengaluru and head northwards. here are some bits of knowledge gleaned from my years here. useful perhaps for those taking my place in the city. (please get in line, no pushing now. leave your vehicle outside the city)

- meals ready means that you get rice-sambar-rasam-palya on banananana leaves. it doesn't mean that even if you knock on the door at 3 a.m., the meal will definitely be ready.

-tiffin is idli, vadai, dosai, utthapa and other goodies. more of a breakfasty snack than a mealce. often not available at lunch time.

- military hotel is a small restaurant where they serve meat. a hindu military hotel presumably serves non-beef meat.

-darshini is the generic name for a tiffin joint. typically, you stand by a metal table and eat. or sit in the family room, where you can also be served mealce, chinjabi and pinese. some have the word darshini as a part of their name. the others... well.. they don't.

southern supremacists, correct me if i'm made any errors. i won't mind at all.

coming soon- some of my secret parking spots in the city.


adbutha said...

that's a shame. Leaving town.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

adbutha: no no, it's been a while in beantown. time to move to new pastures, discarding bits of moss from my smoking jacket.

as a chile, having learnt the expression, i could never figure out whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that mick jagger couldn't gather kate .