July 18, 2007

tight bombing patterns!

1. the new harry potter movie
didn't watch it- feather in my cap

2. sivaji- the BOSS
watched. black eye because the plot was so hackneyed.
feather in my cap- because i've now seen superstar rajni's movie in tamil.
black eye- i don't speak tamil
black eye- apparently they fed people in chennai theatres pongal. i watched it in bangalore without any pongal or vadai. gimme eat!

3. the new harry potter book
not going to buy it- feather in my cap. i've been wracking my brains but can't remember what happened in harry and the half blood prince. this is astounding, because i can quote verbatim from every tolk, dick and enid.
black eye- given that i have nothing better to do, thanks to 4., i would rather be reading

4. no tv
am living a pure, clean, healthy life without a television to fill up my head with silly stuff. more time for violin, running, catching up on books, dvds, dusting, playing with dust bunnies. feather in my cap
playing with dust bunnies! black eye

5. running the bangalore marathon and raising funds for Asha
running again, almost injury free, yippee- feder in meine hut
they've already postponed the marathon- black eye
raising funds is difficult, unless, any of you would like to contribute.. (edges forward with eyes fixed on wallet). receives black eye and retires hurt to federer in the hut.


Rudwig the Younger said...

sixukku apram seven
Sivajiku apram yeven?

pasangalu paakraanga Pogo
Sivaji vandhaa go-go

Chittor thaandinaa Katpadi
Sivaji thaandinaa dead baadeeee!!!


Orcaella brevirostris said...

(expertly flips chinggum, fish, keychain and breadbutter samwich from pocket to hand to mouth)


must tell cousin shivajirao that you're a fan-chya.