November 07, 2006

shom shom shom shamosha sha

those of you who have seen Tehelka will of course remember amrish puri twirling his pigtail in delighted-maniac fashion while proclaiming, "dong kabhi wrong nahin hota"

which is one way of saying, i've been away, but i'm back now, loyal readers. yay!

so preliminaries aside, here are things to do in when alone in panjim on a rainy gandhi jayanti afternoon.

admire the pretty colours of the buildings.

admire the cathedral, parks and floating restaurants, while reading shantaram and searching for bebinc.


Ahmed said...

didnt know one chat with you would have such prompt response.

Yay anyways.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

yes ahmed. your voice joined the chorus of the teeming millions, all begging me to update the blob. vox populi vox dei.