August 21, 2006

oh sicilia!

you're breaking my heart..

is what one hopes to sing after a trip to europe.

meanwhile hectic preparations are on. i have already started-a talking like this: bella italIA! buon giORNO! cappuCINO! cannaVARO!
while the hands wave about expressively, hitting the unwary, or the long-nosed.
this was my conversation style throughout the world cup. and very annoying it was too.

so i find myself delving into:

the lonely planet guide to europe- well thumbed and stained with that doener kebob from near the muenchen bahnhof, and eaten outside the compartment because of the delicately wrinkling nose of the austrian sitting on the opposite seat.
LP tells one where to go, how to get there and how to say "you have a daring taste in leather pants" in the local language.

neither here nor there- bill bryson's record of a trip to europe. droll, but he has an unfortunate tendency to conjugate travel as an irregular verb.
i am a connoisseur of life's experiences
he, she, it are tourists
they are hordes of wildebeest crossing the serengeti in shorts and disposable cameras

ladri di biciclette (1948) - almost a fable, with marxist overtones, they tell me. beautifully made, without professional actors and with a poignancy that makes you weep. especially weepily poignant is the child bruno. there's something about a poor child in a coat and shorts that gives me the weepies. through my tears, i did wonder why they couldnt just sell some of the coats and hats they were wearing...

throw in a rollicking tale of three englishmen bicycling around the schwarzwald, the adventures of herr professor dr dr moritz-maria von igelfeld and the stuttering emperor of rome and you find me ready.



bella italia said...

eurotrip: the movie. very silly and harping on stereotypes, but mi scusi, it was funny!

Arif said...

Wow! You're seriously going to Europe...Okay that I can accept as an excuse for not be around for the RFL runs.

Enjoy yourself kiddo...and do get us lots of pics!

Orcaella brevirostris said...

arif: a combination of travel and illness has kept me away from RFL.

have been reading all the mails though, the suspense as to whether there will or wont be a bangalore marathon is killing me!