February 09, 2006


devbagh is, of course, paradise. an island off the arabische see.

robi babu said of its nearby environs,

"The beach of Karwar is certainly a fit place in which to realise that the beauty of Nature is not a mirage, but reflects the joy of the Infinite within the bounds of form and thus draws us to lose ourselves in it"

there were bottlenose dolphince bouncing out of the waves.

the nearby beaches could be swum in.

ideal for a spot of snorkeling.

and the obligatory log huts, brahminy kites, full moon nights, barbeques on the beach, crab curry and games of beach bolleyball. and falling out of hammocks in a manner reminiscent of that nescafe shake-shake-shake ad. except no fluffy dogs jumped over me. but i won't go on. not to spare you, but just. gunrally. won't go on.


Vicious, L. said...

mool. (3)

obligatory log huts?

Orcaella brevirostris said...

they call them obligatorisch log huts in the vaterland. you know, you've been there right?

Srin said...

Arabian Sea > Bay of B.

Beautiful shot of the sea and the sand and the promontory ( it's called a promontory, right?).

D said...

vicious. l -> no rights.
OB -> 2 rights?
srin -> 1 right.

we are leftist? no rights for us.
what are brahminy kites?

Orcaella brevirostris said...

srin: i have tumbled about in the arabian sea for too many years to be objective about it. but i will say that the coromandel coast rocks as much as the konkan.

d: Brahminy Kite (Haliastur Indus)- it's a fairly common bird of prey. brahminy- because it has chestnutty/ rust coloured plumage.

victoria, ludicruous said...

> coromandel coast rocks as much as the konkan

Huh. We nose this without tumbling in either one. Even though we lived spitting distance from one. oracellae are consp. by their abs. on the Malabar-Konkan thingumabobs, aren't they?


[evades long range projectile and sidles under rock, out of range]

Orcaella brevirostris said...

yes, oracella, or loblolly pines are consp. abs. from all the coasts you've been spitting into.
silly loblolly pines. it's their own fault really.

Anonymous said...

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Orcaella brevirostris said...

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