January 05, 2006

a frisson of excitement ..

..is running up and down my spine as i read vicky seth's "two lives". thanks for buying it AND reading it so fast, Tan.

frisson rissons:
there are a startling number of commanalities and coincidences that seem to link vicky s and i together. german, economics, cello and ira and and ..
gives me a very melee' main bichchde huay feeling.
he's such a brilliant writer. he is rapidly climbing up the ranks of my favourite authors. he has already stepped on the heads of kafka, philip k dick and austen. ishipishi and fry are edging about, trying to make rheum* for him.
remember suitable boy's praha shoe company- that denizen of stolid czech shoe makers? years after reading it, i woke up one morning and set the pigeons all a-flutter when i slapped my forehead and exclaimed "of course! praha is bata!"
this has now been confirmed. vicky's father worked at bata.
i like to have these things clarified and sorted out.

* "i want a rheum"
"a rheum?"
"yes, a rheum"
"you said you wanted a rheum?"
"i know what i said!"


D said...

pls to read faster than the generous T, so that I can say thanks to both and greedily borrow

shreyas said...

Read Vikram Seths Suitable Boy long ago......Guess I was too young then to understand any of it.

Well lets should mebbe should try out this book

Pocket Venus said...

I want to read Two Lives as well. Tell me how it is.

The Golden Gate is one of my favourites - and I liked A suitable boy too. Had a soft corner for the poet though - maybe because I don't know any cute guys who can talk in rhyming couplets!!

Sheila said...

I heard VS give a talk at Stanford a few years ago (he studied Econ there for many years but did not finish his PhD in the end, something he touched on briefly in his talk.) He had quite a large fan club of giggly Indian boys in attendance.

He visited the area again recently, and I have had the pleasure of listening to him on no fewer than 5 different radio programs. In addition to his general brilliance and shining literary talent, the man speaks the most beautiful English I've ever heard.

Rimi said...

uh (should i say this? should i say this?)...sorry, i know you weren't comparing austen and seth at awl, BUT, seth and austen in the same sentence makes me...squirm a bit, mentally. dunno why.

but i love seth! thank you! most people i've spoken to think A Suitable Boy is, among other things, dull and flippant. DULL AND FLIPPANT!!! i'm still trying to borrow the book from friends though...looks like i'll have to bu it in the end.

Orcaella brevirostris said...

sorry for the lagged response, was away at the beach. eating crab and sporting with dolphince.

d: i dont think that's going to happen. got hundreds of pages left still.

shreyas: what's to understand? just read it mon, his prose flows.

pocky- sigh. yes. cute guys rhyming are very thin on the ground.

sheila- giggly boys? i'm not surprised. he has a pome that talks about confusion being straight or gay and ends with wondering whether he's stray. or great.

rimi, rimi, rimi. tut tut. you english students are so squirmy. i'm going to put seth and austen and philip k dick and kafka in one sentence.
did it.

(looks around fearfully)