December 20, 2005

run harpishcord run!

the weekend had a good mix of music and running.
first the baroque concert by les ambassadeurs at the alliance francaise. a mezzo soprano, a counter tenor, a cellist and a theorbe player played and sang italian arias by monteverdi, handel, scarlatti among others.

had never watched a cellist perform before, or even heard of a theorbe, this is what it looks like..

much fun was had watching them give explanatory comments on the music and the harpishcord. being an enthucutlet, i sat in the first row and did some matrix style dodging of spitdrops (visible with the arc lights) as the counter tenor sang about jealousy.

and then on sunday there was the bengaluru (might as well start getting used to it) half marathon. interestingly enough, bangalore (oh come on, i still call it bombay) either lacks celebrities or just doesn't care about them.
the last pune marathon i attended had mahesh bhupathi and anju jobby borge as the sporty types. the all-bombay-can-spare celebs were represented by kader khan and aditya panscholi.

the hyd half m had the CM, sania, salmon khan and airforce paratroopers!
bangalore had ... charu sharma. imported from hyderabad. who, at the end of the half-m speechified about how he drove all night but couldnt make it here on time for the start.

for some reason, they last-minutedly changed the route. this happened at the last run too. is this like changing the kweschun papers the night before the exam, so that all the cheaters get left high and dry?

the run was fun, great running weather. the hebbal flyover gave one a very northern virginia feeling, not sure why. a few cops handed out water, and on the return trip, some waved one on impatiently cos traffic was waiting. umm, if i could run faster after 15k, i probably would be doing it already, innit?

one's timing was 2hrs 28 mince.


Dilettante said...
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Dilettante said...

I didn't even know there was a half-marathon this weekend. Not enough marketing hype or maybe I'm out of it....

btw, is the "mince" inspired by Egon of Beau Peep?

Orcaella brevirostris said...

diddle aunt: there wasn't much advertising, just announcements on the radio. decent turnout, but not anything like the 30ish thousand for the bangalore marathon.

does egon say mince?
i got the habit from conversations in pune, where chunnu would say "mince, that is what i'm saying. mince.."

lately, thanks to another blogger, ive taken to calling those pointy steel devices safety pince.

@#$% said...

2hrs 28 .... pretty decent
I ran in 40 mince ..( don't open your mouth .. it was for the 3.10685596 miles only .. :)

Orcaella brevirostris said...

@#$! i was just opening my mouth to get a lungful of fresh air.
(retires coughing)

those who completed the half in less than 2 hrs 28 mince -you know who you are- are requested not to leave any comments about it.
don't say later that i didn't warne you.

Prerona said...

B'luru? Sounds awful!!! Rest of the stuff sounds great! Music and Running - what else do you need :)

@#$ said...

Coughing instead ... not bad..

saw lot of people who completed the race before the decent time .. they won't mind bragging about it .. out here .. even if they recieve some flakes.. :)

Orcaella brevirostris said...

prerona: i really like music while running. puris may frown, but there's nothing like doing a brisk trot of ol lalbagh with abba's "does your mother know".

(frowning puris? really?)

@#$! no flakes for anyone who ran sub 2hrs 28 mince.